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Chris RomanWith more than 17 years experience writing for the healthcare industry and national non-profit organizations, Chris Román brings a deep and strategic understanding of key issues and current trends that impact leaders today. Chris is a San Diego-based communications strategist and writer who has lived in both France and Brazil... which perhaps explains her fascination with home exchange and volunteerism with the American Field Service. She holds a B.A. in Business-Economics from UC Santa Barbara.

After a marketing gig at the Chicago-based Healthcare Financial Management Association in the late eighties, Chris struck out on her own and hasn't looked back. For the past six years, she's served as free-lance managing editor and writer for Studer Group's Hardwired Results newsletter to hospital C-suite executives, in addition to her editorial, branding, and marketing communications work with dozens of other organizations.

Chris is a voracious reader, intrepid gardener, and seasoned expert on teenagers. But most importantly, she has a passion for purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference in the world today.


The Real Deal

"Chris is always timely, ever creative, and credible with wide-ranging audiences."
-- Michael Kulzycki, The Joint Commission

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